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Wildlife Education Centre

Wildlife Education Centre

The Sports & Cultural Center also incorporates:

A pharmacy; calisthenics; basketball; netball; indoor hockey; 5-a-side football; indoor cricket; bowling, and, a computer skills center.

Wildlife Preservation & Conservation Education:

This conservation education program includes material we have done for a complete cirricula for schools. Each school should have an adequate supply of the reading and education materials we have created.

Wildlife Sanctuary

This is an area of land demarcated for the animal preserve and will have the Conservation Center located on it. The design of which you have. It will act as a teaching center for both adults & children, as a training center, as accomadation for overseas guests, offices, be the center of conservation education in the area, be a center for the coordination of anti-poaching strategies in the area in which it is located, and a wildlife rehabilitation and medical center.

The Wildlife Sanctuary with its Animal Daktari Center will take care of all wildlife brought into the center and relocate them back to the areas they were found in or place them in the sanctuary if that is not at all practicable. But, it is much more than that, the Conservation Center is used to teach preservation of wildlife and the habitats they live in, we will teach the importance of biodiversity and the need to have a small carbon footprint on our planet. It trains conservation officers from various communities and sends them back into their places of domicile in order for them to promote the beauty and care of nature. In short the center cater a media and communication center, an education unit, a central information and command center with a wildlife hot-line, it will cater for tactical response to stem the tide of poaching (an active anti-poaching unit), it will conduct investigations and gather intelligence on poaching to enable an appropriate response to poaching in both the area of the sanctuary and also outlying areas where UEI can be of benefit.

Fish Farm

The fish farm will be built adjacent to the first sanctuary and will provide young fish for the restocking of lakes in the area in which it is located.


Phase One:-

  1. a) Wildlife Sanctuary with conservation anti-poaching and environmental education center
  2. b) Wildlife Education (including the supply and distribution of educational material to schools)
  3. c) Fish Farm Project
  4. d) Solar Power Project



Phase Two:-

  1. a) Sports Center
  2. b) Housing Development
  3. c) Old Age Homes


Phase Three:-

  1. a) Clinics & Pharmacies & Tropical Disease Prevention and Education